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We support the development of new business projects in the fields of Biotechnology, Bioengineering and Digital Health. Gipuzkoa has consolidated as an international reference place in the field of Biosciences. Outstanding business initiatives have allowed us to deploy our strategic commitment in the biohealth sector.

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We are a Business and Innovation Center in Gipuzkoa. For 30 years, we have promoted the creation of startups and innovative companies in strategic sectors. We have generated a strong network of alliances with universities, companies, technology centers and public and private institutions to accelerate the transformation of ideas into business projects. In the biohealth field, we offer specialized services adapted to each phase of the project. We provide startups with experience, community, industry connections, training, mentoring, access to funding, and a lab equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation. All this, with the aim of promoting the development and consolidation of a competitive and global biotechnology sector in Gipuzkoa.

BIO Territory

Gipuzkoa has deployed a sustained commitment to promote Biosciences and Health as a strategic line of transformation of the industrial sector and the promotion of economic growth at the service of competitiveness and the well-being of people. The Territory has been consolidated as a strategic space in Europe for the development of the sector.

Currently, international companies that are international references in the field of health have decided to develop some of their most innovative work lines in Gipuzkoa, helping to consolidate a highly dynamic sector called to play a leading role in our most immediate future.

This report contains a broad perspective on the positioning and development of the Biosciences and Health sector in Gipuzkoa.